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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Photo of the day

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Photo of the day 13.01.11

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f / 5.6


ISO 100

focal length: 170mm

I came across a lady bug,¬†watching this little insignificant yet significant creature has always been a wonderful sight, ¬†with it’s precise colours of red and black. what an amazing little bug. At this moment I had to chase the bug around for atleast 10min to sit still for a photograph.

A new year of opportunities

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Happy New year to all you fellow photographers. May this year be filled with many photo opportunities taking every moment and learning from it. I surely do learn new tricks everyday. Be sure to jot down an idea you have so that when that opportunity arises you won’t forget! Those of you inspired by photos please come back and visit soon, there will surely be a photo for your eye! Happy snapping!!

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