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A place close to my heart and roots. Zululand, Kwa-Zulu Natal. One of the most beautiful places in South Africa. This was a little holiday trip down to the coast of Sodwana Bay. What a place! Green miles and miles, thornbush treas, Zulu huts. Oh man, words cannot explain the tranquility of this place. On our journey there was some amazing moments to capture nature in God’s hands at it’s best.  Having been here only last time I was a kid, I could see now how life in these places have changed drastically, where the typical Zulu huts have now become square houses. The original round hut was rare to see (just shows how society and architecture of these places are changing everyday) . The typical living place of the Zulu people is one of the cleanest places I have ever seen, coming from Gauteng which is just a mess of rubbish. Not one piece of litter.. so tranquil that I would go live there myself. I have always had a place for Zululand close to my heart since I was a child, having grown up with Zulu’s all around me. The magical stories of elephants and Zulu’s and wildlife has always made a mark on me like a true African story.

This piece of land has truly been blessed by Our Father with a special gift of beauty! Having my dad as a pro photographer and my late grandfather… I know all three of us have a special place for Zululand. My grandfather used to go on trips with his caravan car to Zululand. One man who’s art that has inspired me since I was a child. Oupie Blackie and dad here are some beauties!

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  1. Special moments of a special place captured by a very special person with enough talent for three. They certainly are beauties!


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