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Today was the perfect opportunity to get photographs taken of Winston, the new addition to my brothers family. Winston is 9 weeks old, he is a pure black pug. Photographing this new pup brought back many memories of when my beagle was his age. They make the cutest photos, with the inquisitive little persons they have. Five years ago I did puppy photos of my beagle Thaka, wow has the time flown by. Well I thought it would be perfect as I am baby sitting this little one.

Dogs are a major part of my life, without them I would have fallen long ago. As a kid they were there to pick me up incase I fell over. Today they are my best friends! No one has had a true, loyal friend until they have had a dog. It brings new joy to the people around me to have this little pug running around, creating havoc between my pack of dogs, when he is here at “day care” Oh so fun!

Here’s Winston! click here for the full gallery

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