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Western Cape – Cape Town

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Travels are always my best occasions. Having been to the Cape plenty times, one should always be prepared for the weather. Making photography either difficult for those challenged by weather or it could be the best shoot ever! I was down in the Cape for business, as always my camera is always right beside me always ready to snap. The Cape has always been an amazing historical place in Southern Africa, where most colonies arrived at. Having family roots in the Cape Swellendam area, the Cape will always be very inspiring to me.

Here is a look at some photos I took on my business trip with my father!

About 2 years ago this very large cargo vessel was anchored outside of Cape Town harbour waiting for a berth, when it broke loose from its anchor in bad weather. They couldn’t get the engines started enough and it got stranded on the Blouberg Strand Beach, table bay Cape Town. Most of the ship has been cut down buy a salvage company already.There is a possibility that much of the hull will be left behind as it is already becoming a small natural reef. The images I took here are from Blouberg Strands’ side facing the front of Table Mountain

Kalk Bay is a fishing harbour filled with many reefs, favourable to most surfers in the area. Theses houses are quite the tourist destination. Its modern day history started when the Dutch East India Company proclaimed Simon’s Bay a winter anchorage for their ships from May 15th to August 15th each year from 1742.

Statue of Andrew Murray in Wellington (May 9, 1828 – January 18, 1917) was a South African writer, teacher, and Christian pastor.

The mountains as you drive to Worcester.

Dutch Reformed church in Worcester, commonly know as “Die Moederkerk”

City Lights – Blouberg Strand

For more images of this gallery click here Cape Town

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