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The Royal Wedding of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge truly inspirational.

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Like all weddings, it’s a day of lots of planning, nerves, beauty and a day of true happiness. Watching the Royal wedding today on live TV switching between BBC, CNN,Sky news was truly an exciting event, trying to figure out which one has more footage. 30 years ago when Diana and Charls got married I was not even born yet, I really think Diana would have been proud of her son today. Today I watched the whole ceremony it was really an inspiration to watch a Royal wedding.

Mario Testino is a huge photographer known for his Vogue fashion shoots including Gucci and every big fashion brand and famous models there are out there. Looking through his photographs, it must truly have been an honor to photograph the Royals including Diana and the newly published photos of Catherine and William. The one thing that stood out mostly in the wedding a Westminister Abbey was the Choir! oh so beautiful the Anthem, ‘This is the day which the Lord hath made’ and Ubi caritas.

Wishing the newly weds a happy life together in Gods Holy name. Their wedding has inspired many with the beauty of Catherine and William in comfortable loving manner. I will truly take a lesson from this and gives me a spark of confidence in other weddings I am to do in future! Just a day after the Royal wedding I am to do an engagement shoot! May it too be a beautiful day!

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