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A true romance

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What a lovely day, early morning sunshine, fresh shoot with the boys, while the bride and her maids were getting ready! Morgana & Alan to many years of friendship, it was an absolute honor to photograph your wedding day! All the detail of this wedding was so special, from the flowers to the little rocks with each guests’ name on.  This was a very spontaneous wedding and I loved every moment of it!  A day definitely to remember and the venue Imperfect Perfections, you all really have a very special little place! May your path together lead you to  green pastures filled with flowers in the field! May you two have many years of happiness!

for more images of the special day click here or visit our gallery under weddings

Wedding bells will be ringing soon!

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Finally the time has drawn closer to the wedding day of Alan and Morgana on Saturday the 27th Aug! Please come check in soon to see sneak peaks of some of their photos of their special day ahead.  It has been almost a year of planning for this special day and I am so excited that the time has come! To Marg and Al may your day run smoothly as I know that the planning has been superb up until! Remember little breaths! I am so honored to be doing your wedding photographs! Many blessings to you my special friends! Let the count down begin!

Western Cape – Cape Town

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Travels are always my best occasions. Having been to the Cape plenty times, one should always be prepared for the weather. Making photography either difficult for those challenged by weather or it could be the best shoot ever! I was down in the Cape for business, as always my camera is always right beside me always ready to snap. The Cape has always been an amazing historical place in Southern Africa, where most colonies arrived at. Having family roots in the Cape Swellendam area, the Cape will always be very inspiring to me.

Here is a look at some photos I took on my business trip with my father!

About 2 years ago this very large cargo vessel was anchored outside of Cape Town harbour waiting for a berth, when it broke loose from its anchor in bad weather. They couldn’t get the engines started enough and it got stranded on the Blouberg Strand Beach, table bay Cape Town. Most of the ship has been cut down buy a salvage company already.There is a possibility that much of the hull will be left behind as it is already becoming a small natural reef. The images I took here are from Blouberg Strands’ side facing the front of Table Mountain

Kalk Bay is a fishing harbour filled with many reefs, favourable to most surfers in the area. Theses houses are quite the tourist destination. Its modern day history started when the Dutch East India Company proclaimed Simon’s Bay a winter anchorage for their ships from May 15th to August 15th each year from 1742.

Statue of Andrew Murray in Wellington (May 9, 1828 – January 18, 1917) was a South African writer, teacher, and Christian pastor.

The mountains as you drive to Worcester.

Dutch Reformed church in Worcester, commonly know as “Die Moederkerk”

City Lights – Blouberg Strand

For more images of this gallery click here Cape Town

Lunar Eclipse event specatular – “Big gig in the sky”

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Everybody awaited the Lunar Eclipse patiently be it at home, on holiday or wherever. South Africans were so blessed to spectate this event and all for free in the comfort of your home as we call it on your “stoep” which is patio. You did not have to pay to watch this astronomical event, how awesome is that!

I got all my equipment ready at 4pm CAT and went moon hunting, well you could not miss moonrise (at 5:10pm) as the moon was huge, it seemed big but was an optical illusion. Well I then got my tripod into place, mounted my telescopic lens and camera … there the wonderful show started in my backyard, this event felt like a rock concert, only audience I had around me were hooo hooo who? Owls and black black backed jackals as well as my lovely 6 dogs! I was hoping the Twilight saga would rock up too! The moon was like a spot light, being full moon it lit up the whole valley around me. I could even see the power lines 3km away on the mountain. Breathtaking.

Around the country the coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal had a spectacular event watching all this happen in what appeared like over the ocean, wow must have been some awesome photographing scenery too! The Cape well that’s why it’s called the Cape of  storms, they did not get to view the event due to rain. Well guys look at my Gallery for some photos if you missed it because you were too lazy to go look, too cold or had rain.

Photographing with this lens was quiet mmm… tricky and any movement caused me to lose the moon quickly, but luckily I got the hang of it about an hour into moonrise. Advice, practice shooting the moon before such an event. We cannot change the cold weather but I hear 2015 it will be in a warmer season.

Anyway, it was getting cold, super cold. At around 9pm I started noticing that I cannot see the moon let alone feel my fingers with gloves on, hanging like a monkey on my camera as the moon was right above my head. I decided to get it into some light. ha ha my lens froze!! It had a layer of fresh icy frost on the glass… now you must understand, this happened right at the time of the FULL eclipse, I was jumping up and down trying to get the lens a bit warm and get this frost off. Well I was seconds too late, but man what an experience. I spent 9 hours outside and lit a fire for warmth. Ok, ok yes South Africa’s winters are not as cold as the Northern hemisphere’s. I love winter! Next time I will integrate a heater into the lens.

So after cleaning my lens, eventually I found the moon again starting to open the second half of the eclipse and wow I am blown away at the photos I was able to capture on this amazing evening! God really blessed us with a spectacular event of a “sky movie show” and the stars were shining like never before! nothing but nature around me I felt even more blessed and looking at that moon do its full course wow!


A friendly engagement shoot

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I had the honor of photographing friends of many years Alan and Morgana’s engagement in April. I wish you guys many years of happiness and can’t wait to do the wedding in August. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your photographer.  This has more of an emotional attachment than you being one of my clients as Alan has been a family friend for many years. It’s an awesome to know you guys, making the shoot so much more meaningful and to bring the most out of your personalities! Happy days my friends!!

For more photos of the shoot please visit our Gallery page

The Royal Wedding of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge truly inspirational.

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Like all weddings, it’s a day of lots of planning, nerves, beauty and a day of true happiness. Watching the Royal wedding today on live TV switching between BBC, CNN,Sky news was truly an exciting event, trying to figure out which one has more footage. 30 years ago when Diana and Charls got married I was not even born yet, I really think Diana would have been proud of her son today. Today I watched the whole ceremony it was really an inspiration to watch a Royal wedding.

Mario Testino is a huge photographer known for his Vogue fashion shoots including Gucci and every big fashion brand and famous models there are out there. Looking through his photographs, it must truly have been an honor to photograph the Royals including Diana and the newly published photos of Catherine and William. The one thing that stood out mostly in the wedding a Westminister Abbey was the Choir! oh so beautiful the Anthem, ‘This is the day which the Lord hath made’ and Ubi caritas.

Wishing the newly weds a happy life together in Gods Holy name. Their wedding has inspired many with the beauty of Catherine and William in comfortable loving manner. I will truly take a lesson from this and gives me a spark of confidence in other weddings I am to do in future! Just a day after the Royal wedding I am to do an engagement shoot! May it too be a beautiful day!

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A year filled with fun,hard work and inspiration.

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A new year and we almost a quater of the way. Filling up with shoots comming up is surely going to be a time of fun, hardwork and plenty to look forward to. Hoping to achieve high goals and always up for new ideas and challenges. Photography surely is a great part of my life capturing moments to remember and to make others smile. Stay tuned to see updated galleries and contact us!

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